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  • 2nd:  Saturn conjuncts Mars – expect some friction with people and some frustration.  However, also excellent for getting things done that you have been putting off.
  • 3rd:  Go with the Flow! Moon is Void of Course and Jupiter gives us so many new ideas.  Journal, meditate and write everything down even if it doesn’t make sense! When we don’t expect things to go as planned – it’s easier to see the rainbow in the grey sky.
  • 3-5: Saturn makes a difficult transit to Mercury – But the trick with Saturn is never to give up; to keep working hard; to learn, persevere. If you are stuck, you need a mentor, coach or teacher – you need to consult someone more knowledgeable.  It is time to change your thinking patterns that impede you from reaching your goals or the way you go about achieving them.
  • 8-12:  Venus trines Mars is excellent for relationships as desires and values support each other; sex and love work well together.  Both in earth signs also means that it is a great time to manifest your dreams – that means, put your direct energy towards your passion and your money towards your values and you’ll be set!
  • 9-10:  Moon is in Aquarius – this is the only Air energy until April 24th.  If you need to plan, communicate or be more intellectual or long range about something – use these dates to do it as the rest of the month could find you not seeing possibilities (too much Earth) – or being too impulsive or emotional (too much Fire).
  • 15th:  New Moon in Aries and Mercury goes Direct.  I think this day can go one of 2 ways.  It could be a ‘ruffle-the-feathers’ day with a lot of charged energy where you might want to watch what you say and make sure you hit the gym to avoid blowing a gasket too quickly.  Or, TODAY you can mark as a fantastic NEW START Day for whatever it is!  Aries is about starting anew despite the odds.  They love to be the underdog!  Why not try again now for 3 solid days – you can do anything for 3 days!!Once Taurus hits – it will become easier and poof – new habit formed!
  • 16-18:  Excellent time to invest or revamp your finances. Success in relationships too.  There’s a deepening; a realization to purge something that no longer works and reap a benefit for doing so.  It’s about seeing below the surface and the true value of something/someone. Wonderful healing. Great social time.  Welcome strangers – you never know.
  • 17th:  Saturn goes retrograde. A time when you may want to look at how disciplined you really are; how you handle authority figures and how you stand up for yourself – or don’t.
  • 19th:  Taurus.  But only at 11:13pm!  If someone has a baby today – be sure to send them this post.
  • 22nd: Pluto goes retrograde. Do you try to help people?  Time to examine your motives and whether you helping or disempowering.
  • 25th:  Moon is in Virgo so an excellent time to do your taxes and get every detail.
  • 26th:  Void of Course Moon ALL DAY! There will be a feeling of not being able to get what you want.  You may find your day derailed by something that outrages you or makes you obsess.  If you can avoid scheduling something key on this day – that’s a good idea.  If you can’t – then truly feel the energy and go with what feels right.
  • 28th:  Full moon and Saturn square Sun.  This is fantastic illumination energy but I generally find that illumination is not welcome by most people.  We’d all rather live in the fantasy versions of ourselves and not see the reality of our habits or avoidances.  This energy says that it is time to see how our outer and inner worlds are not aligned.  How are we selfish when we should think of others?  How do we help others to avoid being helped?  What do you need to acknowledge about yourself to be happier in the long run?

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