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Astrology is an ancient system to gain insight into people’s personality traits, preferences and difficulties according to the date and time they were born. How? The cosmos spin to a pre-determined rhythm. You were born at that precise time to flow with the universe in a certain way according to your soul’s path. Your birth chart is a map of that path. Every year you experience different focuses of energy based on the planet’s movements. By embracing that energy, you can maximize your potential!

Color is an ancient system of diagnosing and healing. We all know that colors have specific vibrations and they affect us emotionally and mentally.  Our souls respond to the language of color. When we have an issue we cannot resolve or understand, The Color Mirrors system ‘reflects’ to us the issue through the color bottle YOU select.  The bottles are made of essential oils, essences and infused intention and energy. They are designed and created by hand in South Africa.  By having the contents enter your skin into your molecules, you bring healing and release to your body.

Lise has such a unique ability to propel you towards your dreams and manifest your goals. With the conscious and predictive power of astrology + the tremendous diagnosing and healing power of intuitive color readings and healings – you will leave energized and blown away! See Readings or book her as a wedding booth or she can do workshops about work relationships.