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Lise is a problem solver on a mission to help you find self-acceptance and overcome hurdles. Lise wants you to get one or two steps closer to your goal. She is direct, honest and makes you think. Her ability to use your astrological chart provides a snapshot of you that can help bring quicker resolution and clarity to your concern. Her educational and personal background with traditional psychology helps you to drill down into issues or reflect back the things you are saying and don’t realize. Her new age training with intuitive, angels, color, astrology allow her to help you receive deeper and personalized insight with healing.

Lise is an Advice-giving, problem-solving, interactive counsellor. She is not a psychic or interested in giving you fun information for you to passively wait for. She wants to help YOU find your truth path; or overcome the obstacles that prevent you from happiness. Come ready to talk about your issue and willing to manifest it after you leave. Lise will give you advice, ideas, avenues and compassion, love.

Lise is an expert on depression and relationships. She suffered depression since she was 12 and this is why she pursued Psychology and healing methods. Lise also studies people and how they relate to each other. She can help you understand your partner, and help you see how your own baggage is affecting your relationship. She wrote a book about divorce to learn, forgive and find love again.

A session can use whichever tool you are interested in, or which is best for your situation. A decision may be best to use color or cards. Upcoming changes may be best served by astrology. Relationship or personal issues may be need a few sessions, to allow for traditional counselling combined with others.

Lise studied astrology 1:1 with a wonderful teacher Julia Beyer. She has been doing astrology for 11 years. Lise also has a BA in Psychology, incomplete Masters in Counseling and diploma in Human Resources. She has been working in SAP Payroll for 20 years building massive, complicated payroll programs for large companies. She has also learned Angel Healing and became a Color Mirrors Practitioner with Moira Bush. She lives in Oakville with her 2 boys. She loves music. She is Aquarius and Virgo. She is in love with a wonderful man.

Feel free to contact her with your curiosity. It doesn’t hurt to ask!