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All readings can be done online and on your own time! You can provide your birth data and bottle selections in a submission sheet right from the comfort of your computer. I will analyze intuitively and objectively and provide all of the analysis and results to you in an audio file (or written reading if circumstances require it).

You can also request an interactive-live reading! If you live in the GTA, we can meet in-person. Or we can arrange a Skype or phone call where you will use the bottles on the ‘Message in a Bottle’ page for the questions and answers.

Release a Block/Get Unstuck — $120.00

Do you feel stuck? Do you feel like you fall into a pattern that you want out of? This is will cut through the problem to the deeper issue that lies underneath. You will select colour bottles from the website and I will analyze them with or without your birth chart to give you YOUR unconscious reasons for this pattern along with the key to unblock it. Move the obstacle and get on your way!

Decision Making “Should I?”  — $120.00

Have a difficult decision? Do you want to end a relationship? change jobs? move? These are all major life decisions with weighty consequences. State your dilemma and pick a bottle. I will look at your chart. The combination will give you fascinating relief.

ONE YEAR Forecast — $120.00

A 12 month forecast of planetary energy provides you clear individualized direction on what and where to focus your energy according to your own birth chart. Maybe this is a year to work on your career, or maybe this is a time to sort out your values and needs in a partner. Your colour selection will give interesting insight as well.

Astrology Chart Reading + Colors — $220.00

Using your birth data to create your astrological chart, you will receive a completely personalized and individualized reading (NO Auto Reports here!). I will explain key pieces about who you are, what you need in a partner, career and in life. The 3 colors you also reveal where you might be stuck, or what your soul wants you to know or heal. This takes analysis before your session and takes closer to 2 hours to relay to you.

Relationship Compatability — $220.00

Getting Married? In a new relationship? Are you compatible? Where are your strengths as a couple? Where do you need to be more accepting or tolerant of a few quirks? Why do they have that annoying quirk?! Learn so much about your partner and your relationship. This requires both person’s birth data + selecting a bottle that represents each person. It is very fun!