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Lise Clark

I believe in telling the truth - that only the truth of who we are - and where we are is what will set us free for peaceful now's and better futures. 
I believe that each of our unique gifts is written in the astrology chart.  You were born to manifest the destiny promised in the stars at that moment.  Since 2006, I have been providing clients with a comprehensive and fascinating journey of self-discovery.  I provide direction and advice on what to do now and in the upcoming months to optimize personal growth, happiness and success.

  • Change your life, awaken your soul, be your truth.

    250 Canadian dollars
  • What is going on? When will it end? What do I do with it?

    150 Canadian dollars
  • Starting at $40.00

Client Testimonials

“Lise Clark’s understanding of the impact of certain energies and circumstances in our lives - whether they be in the form of people, places and/or the planets and their placement in the sky - is unparalleled. A natural inventor, she is able to see how the universal makes its way to the personal with the skill of an engineer and the insights of a sage. With deep intuition and instinct, and a strong delivery, she truly offers herself as the catalyst, and because of this, she has helped me immensely with gaining clarity around business, academia, personal life and who I really am at the core of my being. I am grateful for the learnings from my experiences with Lise."

Kara Steyaert

Hello Lise.
Great to hear from you so soon. I've been telling everyone about you and your work. I felt so inspired after I left you. THANK YOU!
It put me at ease to read that I'm not ready to settle down yet. I do feel the need to settle down but I have no idea the direction I should take to do so. Since I've met with you I've been thinking much more about traveling and having pictures or a book published. The more I think about it the more I get excited at the fact that I could have a career or hobby that involved that. It's something I never really thought was possible before.
"Also - the best way to figure out what you want - and learn to accept it - is to be alone. Otherwise you absorb other people's energies and desires too much. Try to be comfortable with it." This is the best advice you could have given me. 
"Oh - and Aries rising is the most rare rising sign of the universe!" this was SOO EXCITING to hear.


Hi Lise,
I really enjoyed our session the other day. You were so prepared and had put so much work into my reading. I wasn't sure what to expect because I went to an astrologer years ago and the whole thing was rather namby-pamby. But your analysis of my personality was so accurate. I was also very impressed when you noted that I must have had a very difficult period back in '04 and a terrible year last year and the beginning of this year. That's so true. Then you pointed out that according to the transits coming up in May, this is all due to change. I'm so relieved, because I was really starting to feel beaten up by life. I'm very excited by everything you've told me. I'll let you know how it all turns out.


I really enjoyed exploring and discussing my astrological chart with Lise.  She was so accurate in many of my personality traits, it is quite amazing that she could get all this information from the position of the planets. And it was very interesting to see what was going to come up for me this year.  Her bubbly, friendly character made it fun to review my chart and she took the time to go into the details and made it easy to understand.  I totally recommend anyone get a reading from Lise you won’t regret it!

Andrea F


Astrology gives empowerment to be who you were meant to be....
and knowledge to flow with life as it happens.


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